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Involve Your Senses One Musk Organic Car Perfume, Involve Your Senses Strong Fiber Air Freshener to Freshen’up Your Car – IONE01-40 g,Car Accessories interior car perfumes and fresheners


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Involve ONE Premium Car Freshener

Involve ONE packs a big punch with fiber fragrance cakes to change the atmosphere in your car.

These fiber cakes contain 3 pieces of delightful fragrance pieces that will mesmerize you. They run a mile when it comes to freshness, yes they also last more than 60 days. Involve ONE is available in 9 different fragrances Musk, Citrus , Spark, Splash, Classic, French Wood, Hype, Snow Fall and Mojito Lemon. Keep Your Car Fresh & Fragrant‎ with Involve ONE Premium Car Air Fresheners.

INVOLVE ONE MUSK CAR FRESHENER: The delightful fragrance from Involve. There are a lot of fragrances and then there is the enchanting Musk that really stands out. Tantalizingly deep and seductive musk aroma at heart combined with a creamy wood base, punctuated with a hint of spicy accord.

INVOLVE ONE CITRUS CAR PERFUME: The freshness of lemons when you enter your car quenches your thirst for cleanliness in your car. With pleasant notes of limonene and citronella this fragrance will redefine fresh lemons in an orchard

INVOLVE ONE SPARK CAR AIR FRESHENER: A sweet powerful smell that is loved by all. spark energises your car to smell like the sweetness of winds. The sweetness will remind you of all the natural goodness of woods and nature.

INVOLVE ONE SPLASH CAR SCENT: Fresh watery fruit cut in half bringing you a feeling of juicy magic in your car. The freshness will recharge your energies like a handful of water on your face. The aroma release will be therapeutic to your adrenaline levels.

INVOLVE ONE CLASSIC CAR FRAGRANCE: The sweet smell of flowers is blended with rich aroma oils of Arabic descent to create a classic royal fragrance. The exotic world of far going Arabian perfume oil tempts your romantic mood and engulfs your senses with joy and contentment. Let the aroma win your love.

INVOLVE ONE FRENCH WOOD AUTOMOBILE SCENT: An elitist, smooth and rich woody fragrance. Creamy note with royal oils, blended with master French profile to take the ambience in your car up to heavenly paradise.

INVOLVE ONE HYPE AUTO AIR FRESHENER: Rich blend of exclusive aroma oils, with a mixture of vanilla delivering a smooth and gripping fragrance exhibiting it for a longer time. An elitist, smooth and rich creamy fragrance to make you dive into paradise.

INVOLVE ONE SNOW FALL AIR FRESHENER FOR CAR: The top layer comes with quite a blast that retains its bright icy character. Involve one snow fall has a soft lingering aroma with a influential citrus smell, a touch of mellowness of the flowers but more like the smooth rounded soft ice that comes with snowflakes drizzling down a road. Fresh and intoxicating cold and chilly winter smell with soft cashmere like feeling, the incense is a simple layered smell that will create a cool ambience in your car.

INVOLVE ONE MOJITO LEMON AIR FRESHENER FOR CAR: Involve one mojito lemon is a fragrance that’s easy to fall in love with and impossible to resist. The citrusy freshness of ‘mojito lemon’, infused with juicy tanginess, is intense and intoxicating, just like the obsession that drives you. The favorite zingy drink to quench your thirst for freshness is now a fragrance take a dip in this freshly squeezed and filtered juicy flesh of the fruit. Imagine a clear glass half filled with ice cubes and a fresh yellow lemon squeezed on top, gently add sparkling water to this tangy combination and enjoy the cool uplifting blend of lemon, sugary cane, honey on a minty orange base.

Long lasting and effective air freshening solution. Refreshment of air with powerful scent of rich blends with premium blended fragrances to deliver exclusive scent experience inside your car, home or office cabin. Buy online car freshener India. One the best quality air freshener or car fragrance for daily use from leading Indian manufacturer. High Quality premium car perfume for elite. Finest quality automobile scent.



Involve Your SensesInvolve Your Senses Involve Your Senses

Involve Your Senses is a premium Indian brand aimed at giving you a fresh and livelier Car, Home and Office Experience with it’s range of exclusive fragrances in the form of Car Perfumes and Air Perfumes for the people who prefer eminence.White label manufacturer of high quality premium fragrance products.


Product of India 75+ Fragrances Premium Quality Scent Professional Manufacturer Inhouse R&D Center NABCB Approved


Premium fiber car perfume

Involve Origin Car Perfume is quality product of Indian Car Air Freshener company Canopy Essence Private Limited. Involve Your Senses has wide range of car air freshener products as per varied consumers preferences in multiple aroma and fine fragrances. Involve is one the leading Indian producer of car perfumes or car scent, maintaining long-term friendly relations with many multinational and well known automobile companies, and provides them with professional, complete OEM and ODM service.

Long Lasting Premium Blended Fragrance Made in Bharat/ Product of India 100% Spill Proof Car Freshener Easy slider mechanism, to switch the air fragrance on/off as required Powered to perform in All Climatic Conditions Car Perfume free from GAS or Ammonia Best Car Aroma for everyday use Premium Fragrance Air Freshener

100 % leakproof100 % leakproof

All weatherAll weather

Powered for SUVs & SedansPowered for SUVs & Sedans


100% Spill Proof

Involve ONE is non-liquid Organic Car Perfume which is 100% leak proof. Solid nature of the product makes Involve ONE the best option to go for. It doesn’t cause damage like liquid air fresheners on dashboard/ music system/ seat covers.

All Weather Performance

Weather conditions are extremely different in different regions of the world. From chilling -20°C to hottest +45°C is temperature India experiences in an Year in different parts. Preferences of people also changes similarly. That’s why entire Involve Your Senses range is developed to perform in varied climatic conditions.

Powered for SUVs & Sedans

Higher level of Fragrance concentration of Involve ONE assists in delivering a fabulous result even in bigger sized cars i.e. SUVs or Sedans where normal car perfumes struggles to perform.

With DrivFRESH

Specially formulated Involve ONE series Car Air Perfume is formulated to perform and deliver freshness inside the car cabin. Just remove the inner seal and enjoy the freshness.

Product Type
Fiber Car Freshener Gel Based Air Freshener Spray Air Perfume Gel Car Perfume Fiber Car Fragrance Spray Air Perfume

Product Placement
Dashboard/ Cup Holder Cup Holder Hanging Card in rearview mirror Dashboard Dashboard/ Cup Holder Hanging Card in rearview mirror

Musk – Citrus – Spark – Splash – Classic – French Wood – Hype – Snow Fall – Mojito Lemon Atlantis – Citron – Carbon Black – Crush – Botanical Garden – Insignia Aqua – Aura – Earth – Flame – Spirit – Amber Retro – Jazz – Fusion – Club – Symphony Pebble – Coral – Shell – Azure – Escape – Aurum- Nectar Gold Dust – Silver Sparkle

399.00 399.00 399.00 399.00 499.00 699.00

Avg 45-60 Days Avg 30-45 Days Avg 90 Days Avg 30 – 45 Days Avg 45-60 Days Avg 90 Days

No leakage/leak proof car interior accessory. Spill proof aroma diffuser car scent.
Freshen’ up your car everyday with Involve car perfumes and fresheners dashboard aroma
Made in India air freshener’s for car. Premium luxury car perfume
No ammonia blended essential oil diffuser alternative to car air purifier. Fiber based car freshener and perfumes from Involve
car perfumes and fresheners to keep on dashboard/ cup holder of car. Involve Musk Car Fragrance

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Involve Your Senses One Musk Organic Car Perfume, Involve Your Senses Strong Fiber Air Freshener to Freshen’up Your Car – IONE01-40 g,Car Accessories interior car perfumes and fresheners
Involve Your Senses One Musk Organic Car Perfume, Involve Your Senses Strong Fiber Air Freshener to Freshen’up Your Car – IONE01-40 g,Car Accessories interior car perfumes and fresheners


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